Community Living … Community Giving

From our earliest participation in the Christmas Tree Festival to our latest project at the Beardsley Zoo for PlantConnecticut Days, we have always felt that giving back to the community goes hand in hand with living in the community.

We’ve adopted four spots in Westport:

  • Coleytown Road & Easton Road
  • North Bulkley Road & Long Lots Road
  • Post Road & Turkey Hill Road
  • Long Lots Road & Morningside Drive

We’ve also created a Memorial Garden at Trinity Episcopal Church in Trumbull and landscaped the Easton Community Center.

We especially enjoyed landscaping the elephant fountain at the Beardsley Zoo this fall. Children love playing in the water that sprays them from the elephant’s trunk. And some parents do too! But now, we’ve created a visually restful spot to relax for those who really don’t want to get their feet wet.

As Foster’s grows, so does our tradition of donating talent and materials.

Next up…well you tell us.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we want to donate $100 to 10 local community organizations. We value your opinion and would like to know which charities are nearest and dearest to your heart.

We invite you to call us with the name of your favorite local 501C(3) charitable organization by April 10th. We’ll choose 10 of your favorite organizations and send them a donation. We’ll keep you posted on where these gifts are ‘planted’.