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Various Flowering plants for landscaping


Ever ‘Blooming’ Colues Top Pick for Annual

With names like ‘Dipt inWine’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Chocolate Mint’ and ‘Mocha’ you might think we’re featuring food instead of foliage. But these names give a hint to the vibrant color offered in the wide variety of coleus available for your garden. Truly an ever ‘blooming’ plant, coleus presents most if its color through leaves ranging in […]


A Plant for All Seasons

One of the most exciting plants to be introduced to the public in the last 25 years, Heptacodium is truly a plant with a great future. Landscapers love Heptacodium (also called Seven Son Flower) because of its great versatility, hardiness and easy growth. You’ll love it because of its seasonal splendor. Heptacodium begins its seasonal […]


Heavenly Hydrangeas

Last summer, one of our customers commented that his Hydrangea mop head plants weren’t blooming well. I speculated that the plants were probably experiencing excessive exposure to the cold winter, so I created a solution. I staked and wrapped every bush with burlap making sure to cover each bush completely. The wrapping remained intact all […]