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East Meets Northeast – Using Bamboo in Your Lands

Think of Bamboo and Asian pandas jump to mind – not New England landscapes. But more and more Bamboo plantings are popping up all around Connecticut. Used as a natural screen, accent plant or ground cover, Bamboo is one of nature’s more versatile plantings. While many types of Bamboo are invasive, the genus Fargesia is […]

Sixteen Years and Still Going Strong

Another year! It’s amazing how quickly the time has passed. We’re excited to welcome another glorious spring. This year nurseries will be offering larger specimen stock at more competitive pricing. If you’re considering installing a large specimen, like a Japanese cut-leaf maple or weeping hemlock, now is the perfect time to do so. In our […]


Ever ‘Blooming’ Colues Top Pick for Annual

With names like ‘Dipt inWine’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Chocolate Mint’ and ‘Mocha’ you might think we’re featuring food instead of foliage. But these names give a hint to the vibrant color offered in the wide variety of coleus available for your garden. Truly an ever ‘blooming’ plant, coleus presents most if its color through leaves ranging in […]


A Plant for All Seasons

One of the most exciting plants to be introduced to the public in the last 25 years, Heptacodium is truly a plant with a great future. Landscapers love Heptacodium (also called Seven Son Flower) because of its great versatility, hardiness and easy growth. You’ll love it because of its seasonal splendor. Heptacodium begins its seasonal […]

New Beginnings….

While the landscape has been resting under a blanket of snow (and rain), we have been busy growing! Our Stratford location will soon house a new 2,800 square foot building, which will have two bays for a few trucks, equipment and office. We anxiously await the completion of the building in early summer. We remain […]


Fall Newsletter 2007

The fall promises to be another magnificent burst of brilliant color following a summer of radiant hydrangeas, pond lilies and perennials. You can see some of our very favorites on our new website! We are very proud to announce the launch of, which showcases our work and highlights our many services, enabling you to […]


Earth Springs Eternal

The arrival of spring will mark our 13th year of providing custom service to our valued clients. This is the perfect time for “Custom Maintenance” — edging, pruning, mulching and feeding your property which is ready to spring forth from its winter rest. Although your lawn and garden may have been dormant over the winter, […]


Heavenly Hydrangeas

Last summer, one of our customers commented that his Hydrangea mop head plants weren’t blooming well. I speculated that the plants were probably experiencing excessive exposure to the cold winter, so I created a solution. I staked and wrapped every bush with burlap making sure to cover each bush completely. The wrapping remained intact all […]