A Plant for All Seasons

One of the most exciting plants to be introduced to the public in the last 25 years, Heptacodium is truly a plant with a great future. Landscapers love Heptacodium (also called Seven Son Flower) because of its great versatility, hardiness and easy growth. You’ll love it because of its seasonal splendor.

Heptacodium begins its seasonal growth when most other plants are at the end of theirs. Creamy white, fragrant flowers begin blooming in late summer – early autumn. It will bloom for about three weeks and then the real show begins. The blooms are replaced by stunning cherry capsules and flower like sepals, which last through mid-November. Throughout the winter, the plant sheds its bark to reveal an attractive brown under layer, which provides a lovely contrast to the winter white. Then in spring, its cycle begins again when it’s clean, dark, narrow, heart-shaped leaves shoot forth.

To get the best effect from the Heptacodium, it should be planted in full sun, although it can be planted in partial shade. It is a rapid grower, which can be trained either as a shrub or small tree. Prune carefully and only in the late fall and early winter because flower buds form in the spring and slowly mature over the summer. It is easily transplanted and adaptable to most soil types. In addition to, it has few insect or disease problems. Plant a Heptacodium as an accent plant to your home or patio, but make sure you can see it from a window. You will not want to miss the spectacular display!

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