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Shady Characters

A stand of evergreens, a grouping of deciduous trees or even the sunless side of your home can seem a daunting area to landscape. Let’s face it – the most brilliant flowers, shrubs and trees often require some direct sunlight. But a lack of direct light doesn’t necessitate a lack of design. There are many […]


As another season ends…

Fostering, nurturing, cultivating…perhaps it is no coincidence that my very name, and our company’s, reflects what we do for you, our customer, and for our community. This past season as we cultivated your gardens, we were pleased to ‘nurture’ our community. We donated and planted a tree at Helen Keller Middle School in Easton as […]


Longing for Spring

I write this looking forward to spring. The early February thaw made me even more eager to get out and plan, and plant and watch the blossoms unfold. And yet, I knew this thaw was just a tease – winter still surrounds us. But even though my time outside is still limited, Foster’s, inc. is […]


Planning Big, Planting Big

Enormous trees, crafted by nature herself and enhanced through the passage of time, are truly nature’s virtually irreplaceable masterpieces. Irreplaceable but not immovable. Tree relocation, providing the ability to add mature trees to landscaping projects, has become and increasingly viable option to beautify and enhance projects of any size. No longer do you have to […]